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Get your Warzone today! Call of duty warzone is considered the most modern game in this era. It is a video game that contains a battleground for fighting. When this game is released then it creates a thrill in the world. Because such type of battleground game cannot be introduced first. The game is loaded with the most advanced features of the video battleground game.

Provide a stupendous battleground that is necessary for this modern age. Contain full HD graphics and marvelous animation that make it more interesting to the user. This is an online video game and a needless amount of internet data for their usage. These aspects make more sophisticated players to this game.

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of duty warzone allows one time online player of 150 and something this limit is increased up to 200 players. Battle Royale and plunder are the two main modes of the game. The warzone allows a new currency that is called cash. This cash is used for buying stations and also used in purchasing different things during gameplay. Killstreak and gas masks are also purchased through cash. Loot can be used to supply boxes for a new adventure of gameplay.


You can create a team and it makes it possible to play well and share weapon, supplies to each other with a team member. Surviving is also efficient for team members because you can survive by your other team member. These teams are called quad that has multiple team members. Players can make it better by using the trainer of this game. It is an efficient way of getting more cash and also helpful in opening more advanced options for the game.

Warzone contains different tasks to players that are essential to complete. These are combat, loot, war, and killing. The player looks like a real-world object in the game while walking. The player should have to first loot the essential weapon that is needed during gameplay and the go-to battleground. Because if the player does not have a weapon then cannot survive in-game with fighting with enemies. And if a player has multiple types of weapons then the player can survive easily. Players that have multiple weapons during gameplay can share these weapons with a quad.

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