Call Of Duty: World War II Tips

5 Insider’s Tips To Help You Play War Mode In Call Of Duty: World War II. When there’s something new, it’s exciting and perplexing at the same time. The war mode in the ‘Call of Duty: World War II’ for example is one of the best things about the latest version. However many old CoD players will find it difficult to decode.

To begin with, let me tell you that this is more of an objective-based mode. The war mode demands a great team work, more than any other modes in the game. If the TDM is going to be your main mode in the game, then be ready for a few surprises.

Those who are new to this mode, here are 5 insider tops to help you master it.

#1. Playing the objective is the key to a good game

If you want your team to win then you must play the objective way. By this we mean, if there’s a tank that you have to protect then go there and stand next to it. If you simply snip from a distance then the tank will retreat or just stop. Also, if you have a task at hand, let’s say you have to build a bridge then go there and get it done, no matter how many times you are shot.

#2. There are no scorestreaks

The war mode gives you a different kind of play where you don’t have to worry about the scorestreaks. There’s less penalty if you are killed. We will discuss this in detail in the next tip.

#3. Ignore the kill/death ratio

We know it’s easy said than done but the kill/ death ratio really doesn’t mean a lot in the war mode. Many players will not know this and worry. So, please be aware that the game does not count how many times you are killed. In fact death is just a part of the game. So, go ahead and do the task at hand without worrying.

#4. Build walls and destroy whenever you get a chance

Hastily built walls may not be a strong defense against attackers but they can slow your enemy tanks down. So don’t miss any opportunity to build barriers as this can be the difference between a win or loss.

#5. Change divisions as required

You may need to change the divisions based on the need of the hour.  So please don’t stick to just one road map. Be open to diversions. Each section in map needs a different kind of strategy to win the game so don’t get stuck with one division.

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