Best Rifles in Call of Duty World at War 2 Explained

Working with the best types of rifles in Call-of-Duty provides an awesome experience when playing the game. When launching the game, you should make sure to work out with these best rifle types so that you get to know how to use them. Knowing how to use them makes you as competitive as hell, and you won’t be wasting your tokens of value on mere weaponry.

With this upgrade of the game from World-at-War-1, usually known as WW1 by those who fancy this fantastic and highly-graphic-optimized game, there are a number of weapons that bring out the appeal and liveliness when using. These rifles are very prestigious. So which guns are these?

The best few selected rifles

From a consensus done in the call-of-duty awesome online community, four weapon types provoked much craze and stood out among the rest. These weapons are:

  • BAR, that can be unlocked at a rank level of 52
  • STG44, a rifle that can be opened at a rank level of 15
  • MP-40, an Airborne Prestige reward, very lethal and comes out remarkably in handy.
  • TYPE 100, at only rank 11 you’ll have your rifle.

Much preference is noticed on these selected gun types especially from mid-range firing. They help gamers stand-out, especially during multiplayer game selection.

The reason why short hand-guns and snipers don’t attract much preference is that they comprise of one short at a time and will be slow to reload when encountering multiple attackers. This is why they don’t fall into the best categories of guns usually used.

Ways to unlock the guns earlier during game-play

Usually, unlocking the mentioned guns requires one to reach the suggested levels during the progress of the game. However, you also can use your allocated token to unlock a weapon. For those who have made a pre-order to purchase the game, they are usually awarded a prestige unlock-token that can enable unlocking a gun early before reaching the exact level of unlocking it.

All this mentioned, it doesn’t mean that having the gun will determine you pro-level of pursuing and persevering throughout the whole levels of the game, your mode of gameplay plays a significant role in making sure that you survive for long. This means that you should incorporate better techniques, skills and high-response speed to encounter enemies while advancing. You should be vigilant in addition to the help you get from using the guns mentioned above.

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