Things Call of Duty Players Want Fixed

The community of Call of Duty players is speaking out more about what they want to see in WWII. It has been two months since this latest Call of Duty launch, yet there are many more improvements that could be made, they say. And they have some specific complaints.

Those that play the consoles say that at the beginning of matches, they are often stuck in the spectating mode. It seems to be affecting Xbox One players the most but is most frustrating for those who play Search and Destroy. These players will miss entire rounds and be unable to grab their loadouts before they can join other teammates.

It is also being noted that War Mode can be just too loud, almost to the point of painful. In many situations, the voice of the announcer will rise drastically in volume during moments of commentary at what some players are calling “an ungodly decibel level”. This has been a problem all month long, but developers are apparently just now beginning to address the issue.

There’s also been a problem with the slow sprint out time. Multiplayers get to have a good amount of action, however, there is always a feeling that the submachine gun rushers are being punished. “Sprint time out” refers to the amount of time it takes for your gun to come back up for firing after the player sprints. If that player happens to be rushing towards a certain place, and an enemy comes out at them, they are definitely at a disadvantage because of this.

In the past, players have gotten use to being able to play domination mode in order to make quicker level ups. During these sessions, kills are worth 75-100 points. However, WWII only gives the player 50 points for every kill so leveling up is actually slower.

On December 1, Ranked Play became a way to offer a mode of competition with the same esports rules that have been used in Call of Duty, pro league. However, there was little reward to be had when random players would rage-quit. With penalties already in place for quitters, higher rewards might be needed to give other players a reason to stay throughout, until the ending.

Some have said that the combat shotgun has decent power and a pretty good range, but they feel there’s not enough power, especially considering that it is a sawed off shotgun. Certain specs on this gun may need readjustment.

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