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There are not many mobile entries for Call of Duty, of Activision fame. Tencent looks to be working to change that, however, as they have started dealing with the Activision Company in order to develop a new game for mobile in this particular franchise.

The new game will be that of a first-person shooter and it will combine some of the most celebrated weapons, maps, characters and modes, according to information from Tencent.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile will be free to play, but will still be a first-person shooter game that is completely full featured, also in the style of the game.

At the moment, there are no outstanding specifics when it comes to the story line, the mechanics or the release date. For now, that information is hush hush, but do look for updates in the near future concerning these facts and much more.

This collaboration by Activision and Tencent seems to be a type of catering to the preferred method of play for Chinese citizens. That factor alone might have been enough to predict a decent outcome, but you can also factor in that the game will be free to play. Another drawing factor looks to be the fact that in-app purchases can be procured, and in-game currency, which might be hard to earn at times, will also be used for such things as weapons, characters and random game resources.

There is no lack of this model in the typical space of mobile gaming, however, Tencent is not a big player in this field. In that respect, it is possible that Tencent may approach the monetization of the game in a fresh new way for game play and content delivery.


It is absolutely possible that Tencent could deliver a title of this quality while allowing it to stay completely free to play. We have already seen this with PUBG Mobile. With Call of Duty Mobile, as in others, the cosmetic perks and subsequent items will be available by way of in-app purchasing, although they will not be necessary for game play. This gives players the ability to play through the entirety of the game for free and not “miss out” on things that have been purchased by other players.

While it looks like the addition of this game for mobile space will change a great deal, it will probably be exclusive only to China for the moment, and possibly, forever.


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